Snowflake is a town full of rich pioneer history. It was founded by Mormon settlers, William J. Flake and Erastus Snow. Its name is derived from these two surnames: Snow-flake. The town is dotted with several historic pioneer homes that still stand. Many of these now serve as educational museums to those who visit, providing them with history about the area and the pioneers who came. Snowflake is conveniently located 25 miles south of Interstate 40 and 15 miles north of the White Mountains. Like the neighboring town of Taylor, Snowflake provides wide open spaces for families to grow and explore. Its small population (5,564 people) allows for a homey environment with friendly residents. It is home an LDS Temple that services church members across Northern Arizona. Snowflake has mild winters and summers and provides four gorgeous seasons for its residents to enjoy. Every third week of July, Snowflake hosts a Pioneer Festival that commemorates the pioneer’s arrival in the 1878. This weekend attracts many visitors from all over the state and country. The town is also home to the Silver Creek Campus of Northland Pioneer College, which makes the town convenient for those seeking to further their education. Snowflake can provide a sense of home even to those whose roots do not come from there.

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