On historic Route 66 and off Interstate 40 lies the historical city of Holbrook. The roots of Holbrook go back centuries as certain peoples populated the area at different times before it was eventually settled in 1881 when a railroad was constructed. Holbrook, which serves as the Navajo County seed, is located just miles from the scenic Painted Forest and Painted Desert and it is also the gateway to the Navajo Nation and is therefore rich in Navajo culture. Holbrook offers cool winters and warm summers and is just a short interstate drive from the large city of Flagstaff. Holbrook offers a character that no other small city can give because of the mixture of the White Mountains with the Navajo Nation. It is home to the curious Wigwam Hotel and several excellent Mexican restaurants. Because of its location just off the interstate, it is home to many jobs and opportunities to thrive. The population continues to grow and was calculated at just above 5,000 in the most recent census. Holbrook is the home to the main campus of Northland Pioneer College, which provides further education without the hustle and bustle of a large university. Holbrook ultimately provides a culturally rich living experience to its residents.

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