Brokers price opinions

Draw inspections

Feasibility studies along with partner Appraisal Company doing commercial feasibility studies

SEI offers a wide variety of business consulting and motivational coaching.  We know how to help you improve your business and help you stay in business.  We have made all of the mistakes so you don’t have to.   We have considerable experience in the development of real estate; from subdivisions to commercial projects to feasibility studies.  We also offer market studies and area analyses to determine the demographics and viability of a community for specific projects.  In addition to these services, we can provide detailed Brokers Price opinions in several different formats that can accommodate your needs.

SEI offers a wide variety of Inspection services.

Draw Inspections- SEI can perform accurate Draw Inspections for lenders wanting to know the progress of the construction and where it stands in the original timeline.

Occupancy Inspections-SEI also performs Occupancy Inspections in order to verify occupancy and meet lender and government requirements.

Insurance Inspections-SEI offers Insurance Inspections to validate the calculated replacement estimate and to identify conditions where a loss may occur.